While some people in the entertainment industry may pursue a more free and attainable image to the public, this married duo couldn't hide their relationship if they tried.  Nor do they want to.
"There's nothing better than doing what you love, with who you love." 

Micah and Andi were together for almost 5 years before they decided to take a chance making music together and performing live shows.  Micah had been playing music and writing songs since he was a teenager, but when they met, they decided to take this love of music to the next level.  Since then they have taken his songs, as well as written a few more together, and play out every chance they get. 

It's not easy to categorize their music into a genre.  They often ask listeners what they would label them, and the feedback is usually along the lines of:  Country/Americana/Folk/Southern Rock/Adult Contemporary.  Of course, being born and raised in Chester, South Carolina,  their is no getting around Micah's southern accent which will always add a touch of his heritage to every song. 

In April of 2014, Grapefruit Moon took some songs to be professionally recorded at a studio in Cleveland, Ohio.  Along with having a great experience there and meeting some amazing people, the completed songs exceeded everyone's expectations.  Micah & Andi  will be following up and adding more songs to create a CD in early 2015 and have some big plans for the future.  

 "I just want to be remembered as a great writer.  I would love to have other musicians look up to me someday the way I look up to my favorite writers."  ~ Micah

Make sure to keep up with Grapefruit Moon on their Facebook pages and try to check out a show.
Ohio tour dates are below, and national tour dates will be coming soon!

Purchase EP Here: 4 Song EP
  • Purchase EP Here: 4 Song EP

Purchase EP Here: 4 Song EP

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Our first studio recorded songs are here on this EP. Suzie, My Sweet Friend, Rosie, & Where the Water's High.

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